Batch update for large inventory lines is unusable now

This is where it started now scroll down

After a recent update to a price file the program keeps shutting down with an out of memory error every time I click on batch update in inventory the module fails to load.

is there a limitation as to how many items can be in inventory, I have 64ram on a 2tb drive, have set desktop dump to its max and continue to have the issue, the back up I ran before this mod works fine , but if i add the update again or a different update I get the same reaction.

What version are you currently on? In older versions, batch update would attempt to load into memory all items, in newer versions it loads into memory only visible items.

I’m on version 21.5.15, I think its the latest. I just checked and see I’m not Ill try that.

So now batch edit only loads what you see on the screen to the clipboard, I have one product line with 86k plus parts in it that I need to copy to the clip board, look for changes such as pricing or discontinued and then modify and reload into the sys for update, all this done in excel, well batch update only loads what you see now, my choices are to load 1000 at a time and do this 87 times or try to view all, which ran for 36 minutes on the pc before it eventually froze up completely. I also need to compare it to find the new parts added which need to be handled by batch create. I have 2 product lines with this many part numbers in the data base, anyone got a usable work around?

If we have another tax change that is going to be a special kind of nightmare when all 169k need to be updated.

21 stands for year, ie 2021, 5 stands for month, ie May and 15 stands for number of updates in that month. The current version is 22.1.3, you guess (2022, January, 3rd update) and is numerous versions later. You can download the latest version at Download | Manager

Impressive and lots of work! I do not know which operating system you are using, but you could consider further expanding your 64 GB Ram memory to 128 GB as that is clearly the bottleneck.

Yes I did do the current update which was when the new issue arrose

So before the last parts update I did which added 60 new parts to the data base I was running this on a 8gb ram laptop,version 21.5.15, and now with the latest update it wont run version 22.1.3 on 64gb ram, don’t think doubling that is a viable answer. I am hoping to continue using the program but in the current state I am not sure I can. Something has changed causing it to gobble up massive memory which it didn’t do before, I would think that would be a development issue which is going to affect more people then myself.

@RBRT, you are overlooking the fact that you’ve also changed computers. The program changes @lubos mentioned took place before v21.5.15. So any problems that might have been caused by that change would have shown up on your old machine. Something else is going on.

Showed up on the old machine first I do Mobile repair work and have a PC at the main shop as well as one at the home office does it on both PCs and the laptop I just use in the work truck when traveling I didn’t update the shop computer to the new version and it will run batch update on a back up previous to when this started, I just tried to run it in the new version and load all parts in the line for view and it crashed. So any how I did consider that and tested it, still open to suggestions, would like to find a way to make it function. I like the program and have been very pleased with it so far.

  1. Uninstall the new version of manager

  2. Install your old version of manager available here
    Restoring data issue - #2 by Patch

  3. Import a backup of you business file from before you used the new version of Manager

  4. Test that set up, which should be very close to your old computer set up

Thanks , I will give that a shot

Ok, so that got me back to the old set up and the original problem, would it be possible to add a show 5000 button after the 1000 on the inventory page, then I would only have to repeat the batch update process 17 times versus 87,I think I could work with that or is there a way I could generate a report to get the data in the same format as batch update with all the same columns.

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The only other option I can think of is the API. That may work well when set up however that’s going to involve some work and the documentation is scattered. See Search results for 'API ' - Manager Forum

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Good idea, but 1000 and 5000 are just random numbers and soon we will have a huge list of pagination buttons.

Why not have a custom pagination where the user can input a custom value?

Why stop there? If it’s there in inventory it could be used everywhere else.

Not sure I’m that tech savy.

I like that Idea, it was one of my thoughts as well

For the time being you can do this:

Manually type in your Pagination values in the URL, e.g.:

  • First page of 1200 records → .../sales-invoices?Skip=0&Take=1200&FileID=[...]
  • Second page of 1200 records → .../sales-invoices?Skip=1200&Take=1200&FileID=[...]

Actually you don’t need to type in the second line or even the Skip value at all. Just type in the Take value once and then you can use the navigation buttons < & > to scroll through pages.

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@RBRT, you say you are not that tech savvy. Is it realistic to expect to able to manage an inventory with 170,000 line items without suitable IT support? Managing an enterprise like that requires a certain degree of savvy, regardless of the capabilities of specific tools built into a general purpose accounting program.

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I second @Patch and @Tut .

@RBRT I will be making an extensions guide soon with the cooperation of the dev team. Maybe you could hire a web-developer for making such extension for your, using Manager’s API. In the case you do, point them me for guidance.