Batch update can't handle large data

I am one of the heavy user of manager. I recently had to make small change to my receipts and payments due to mistakes my employees made. But I am not able to do so as Batch update seems unable to handle my large amount of data.

So I suggest if manager can populate only required data by filtering out extra data from input date then Batch update can be used in usual manner to export.

This process will reduce both user’s and manager’s work and the program itself can run efficiently.

filter data in excel and only update required records will be handle at the moment

It is what I have been doing.

Now the file is pretty big to be handled and manager can’t export this large amount of data in excel.

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this is most probably due to insufficient allocation of clipboard space by your OS.
try increasing the same and check again. you can google how to increase the clipboard capacity for your OS.

This is what I see every time I want to copy

please make sure you provide enough information in the initial post itself regarding your Manager edition, version and OS every time you post a question on the forum. this would avoid confusion and will get you specific answers. my reply was based on the assumption that you are using the Desktop edition of Manager.

I am on cloud edition. That means I am on the latest version of manager. 20.2.1
I am using google chrome in mac book pro version 10.15.3 OS Catalina

i see, if you are in urgent, try another way
download desktop version, backup your data and import to desktop version
batch update at desktop version
after that backup and import your data to cloud version