Batch update for large inventory lines is unusable now

I have to agree with Tut - using Manager to administer a business with 170,000 items is pushing the software beyonds its limits.

Even my local supermarket wouldn’t have that many different products!

@Tut @Joe91 I am in the agricultural repair business. Do you own a car or any piece of machinery, take it apart to the very last nut and bolt and then realize that each part laying in front of you has its own part number, now realize that manufacturer builds a 100 current different models and 6000 past models they still provide parts for, and I deal with over 1000 different manufactures, I am a one man show, well my wife helps me part time and I have one part time mechanic, I often work in very remote areas where there is no internet service and am generating tickets via laptop. I don’t have an IT team and have never worked with API and live in a town of 450 people and service a 100 square mile area. Welcome to my world.

I don’t use the server edition for the above reasons, one man show, no internet access, so hoping to find a work around

Oh and I have to track inventory on all this crap so I can give it to my tax accountant.

@RBRT I don’t think anybody here is criticizing the way you do your business. In fact, you do you and Manager must accommodate your way of doing business.

Having said that, it looks like you actually don’t have 170k items in stock since you buy your parts for each job.

If that’s the reality of your situation, then you really don’t need to maintain all those inventory items at all. You can simply mention the part number on your line description of documents, be it: Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Invoices.

This way you will avoid all the overhead of keeping records of items that you don’t really have in stock.

@Ealfardan that actually is what I have in stock, Often what I am repairing means whether or not animals or crops will get water, folks will have electricity , feeding systems will function, ect., those are the most common parts I deal with, ordering things in or buying locally is not an option I couldn’t even begin to guess how many part numbers I deal with on a whole but I’m sure it would be in excess of a million. With out a tracking system to tell me if I have it or not or what bin it may be in, or what new number a part has crossed to I couldn’t find my butt with both hands.

Just to give you an Idea I was here fixing a generator this morning.

That’s amazing.

Anyway, @AntonisV is going to provide a guide for making extensions which is really handy but even if it’s not for you, you can still set your custom pagination in the URL:

I would look for an ERP. There are several available as open source.

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@RBRT, your story is interesting and the service you provide admirable and necessary. But you obviously have internet access or you would not be able to hold this discussion on the forum, even if it isn’t continuous. You can contract for remote IT support.

Earlier in this thread, you wrote that you were updating your large inventory, looking for pricing changes, discontinued items, etc. Were you literally doing this by reviewing a 170,000 line spreadsheet by eye? Even ignoring the difficulty of tracking your place in a spreadsheet that lengthy, you are asking for trouble in manually manipulating a file so huge and pasting it back into Manager. It would be so easy to accidentally make a change to the wrong row or delete a group of rows unintentionally. Personally, I would not be brave enough to try.

In my opinion, you need to automate this process in some way. At that point, whether you are performing the batch updates 1,000 at a time or 170,000 at a time is irrelevant. Somewhere, there is a programmer looking for online job taskings who will create this capability for you. And there is someone else providing logistical support services from their COVID-locked-down living room who would take on the task of keeping your inventory up to date. Yes, it might cost a little, but think about how much more time it would give you to be out in the field providing those important services (and invoicing for them).


I am at shop currently where yes I do have internet service via satellite.
This is What I just Figured out, My default browser is set to Firefox but when I check task manager and expand Manager it is running in Microsoft Edge Webview2 run time. In fact Windows is forcing it to run in Microsoft Edge Webview2 run time.
If I access the program via Firefox using “” and get out of Microsoft Edge Webview2, guess what everything works perfectly, evidently this is where the problem is occurring.
In inventory I can call up “” and change the take number to What ever I want with the desired results, this will work for me.
Also Batch Update works perfectly and It just loaded the 170k part numbers in under 2 minutes on the laptop, which only has 8gb of Ram, with no out of memory error.
@lubos @Patch
Microsoft Edge Webview2, which just had a recent update is causing the problem.


I copy and paste into excel and it does the looking, though I don’t know about API’s and such I have been using excel practically since its development and can a thing or two there, it was what I used before Manager, but was very tedious and took a lot of time to do it all there.

@RBRT , why do you not opt to install Linux on one of your systems dedicated to Manager. Ubuntu is very easy to understand, it will speed up your processes and remove the headache you seem to have using Windows. It really is pretty easy to do. I use a mac for desktop stuff but linux server for the real stuff. OSX is built in part on an open source Unix derivative called FreeBSD. Linux distributions are also build on open source Unix but obviously there are differences with OSX being proprietary. However, being based on Unix both have quite a lot in common, be it security, and speed.

Good find.
Thank you for documenting this, it will be useful for other users also.

Btw in Manager desktop if you open any link in another window it will enter that URL for you.

Another one of the beauties of it running in Edge, it disabled open in a new window.