Can you batch update customers

I thought we could but I dont see it now

What version of Manager? Manager v23.8.25.1002 does have all batch operations for Customers available, see screenshot:
bottom of customers screen

Right I got it so
because there is this
it has not loaded properly. When I click on it it comes up

So this is resolved by me. What I didn’t know was had it been taken away and thanks to @eko I knew it wasnt

Are you sure this screenshot is from version For quite some time Manager has gotten rid of the “Learn how to” links at the bottom of the page.

I just read your next post and happy you got it sorted out.

only the server version unless you copy the files from the desktop version

both server (Linux) and desktop (Mac) do not have learn how to links.

The “Learn how to…” link is back in the 64bit desktop version on Windows

Interesting, realized I had an older Desktop version, just updated it and indeed the Learn how to is back. Why not for server version is another question.

Compare the sever program directory to the desktop program directory. They differ by just a few files. One of which is the help file “Guides.json”

If you copy that to the server version’s directory, the the server will also have the help functionality.

The reason for that was to allow users—such as accountants—to furnish their own support and instructional materials, if desired.

Sorry but that goes against the original philosphy where no discrimanation would be made between versions. So if only for desktop I assume Cloud like server does not have it either.

Frankly I am worried where this is going.

well I found the batch up date and all it copies is the Key

If I do batch create it does

I was after updating of client information including custom fields

That just is not true. Here is the spreadsheet that results from Batch Update of a test business with three customers (note that not all customers have addresses or custom field content):

For a start you sound like you are calling me a liar! how rude
I did screen shots of what was on my screen. Why would I make it up?
That is all I got the word “KEY” 3 times . I am glad it worked for you, now I suspect it could be something to do with maybe my clip board. But it worked for the create

Here is another screen shot and you can see the time on the bottom left of screen I just did it

Now I can not even see the update buttons

I am going to redownload manager cause its doing strange things. I am repairing it? thats what the wizard says

Right I just did a repair and I got it to work
but the business screen for my own manager has 2 copies now can I delete one?

No, @Wornout, I was simply stating a fact.

I don’t know what you mean by this. Your screen shot shows the word “Key” only once.

I don’t know what you did. When I do a Batch Update, (1) I copy to the clipboard, (2) open a spreadsheet, and (3) paste the clipboard into cell A1 of the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet application takes care of parsing everything into rows and columns correctly.

I notice your Batch Create spreadsheet in post #13 also has the word “Key” in cell A1. Manager certainly did not generate that content, because the word “Key” does not appear in the Batch Create template. That is due to the fact that keys are not created until the spreadsheet is pasted back into the Batch Create window and the Next button is clicked. This allows you to correct a Batch Create operation before finalizing it without generating erroneous records.

My conclusion is that somewhow, your spreadsheet (not Manager, and not the clipboard copied by Manager) has this extraneous word.

You have represented yourself in the past as something of a spreadsheet whiz. Perhaps you know how content like this can be replicated in the spreadsheet. I don’t even know how that might be done.