Batch Update Not Working

Dear Team.
Batch Update not working, checked in Inventory Item and Sales Invoice
(Cloud Version)
Complete Data in Single cell

Looks good to me, try paste to notepad, if you get Tabs as separators for each column, then there is no problem with the Manager.

Problems with your Excel.
Try checking the Excel Menu Data - Text to Column, make sure the settings in your excel use Tab as a Delimiters between columns.

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I can not replicate the problem. Can you please do the following:

  1. In batch update as usual carry out Step 1 " Copy to clipboard"
  2. Paste that copied information as in Step 3 but without using the spreadsheet in “the text field below” and make a screenshot and paste here. It should look like:

@eko and @Mabaega thank you friends i’ll check at my hand.