Batch editing of transactions

Is there a way to batch edit bank account transactions? I’m not referring to assigning Payees. My problem is that I’ve imported a QIF with 5 years of data and need to delete 3 years worth of transactions but cannot select multiple transactions for deletion. It will take hours to do it by each transaction and they’ve already been imported.

Thank you for your efforts!

I have the same question, but for a different reason. Any answers or solutions to this issue?

Also because I noted in this string that there was a question from @lubos as to WHY someone should want to batch delete… I will explain.

I cannot import Paypal as a .qif file because I keep getting this message from “Manager” when I try to upload a .qif file from Paypal. “File you are trying to upload appears to be corrupted.”

I can, however, upload an .iif file that I download from Paypal. However, it is double entering all of my income also as expenses and vice versa, therefore giving me a net balance of zero. Which is not accurate.

Alternatively, a work around for the input error on my .iif upload from Paypal would be helpful.


Could you please send IIF file from paypal to ? I will try to reproduce this issue.