Batch Create/Batch Update


I am creating a batch of Customers/Suppliers and in excel format there are columns like Code and Control Account. What are these meant for?

If I wanted to mark my Customers/Suppliers in specific control account (manually created by me), How would do that?


read the guide on chart of accounts where you can learn about the control accounts.

when using batch operations, it would be easier to create the first of every different entry in Manager itself and then doing batch updates. this will give you an idea of what to enter in particular columns in the spreadsheet program.

Also read about account codes. Good general advice is to become familiar with all the features you will use first, before attempting batch operations. Batch operations take you somewhere more rapidly, but if you are going in the wrong, or an incomplete, direction, you will have much more to undo when you discover mistakes.

I’ve a good idea of control accounts and I’m working on it but if I wish to categorize my batch of customers under specific control account(s) then what should I type in column of control account in Excel format.
I’m typing name of that control account but that is not working out for me.

I hope you got my point.

Did you follow @sharpdrivetek’s advice?

Hi there,
I have exported out the template and control accounts refuses to import.
I can select manually under the customer but also when you export a customer it has a totally different template to what is requested on an batch import.
For batch imports
Name BillingAddress Email BusinessIdentifier StartingBalance Code Currency Inactive CreditLimit HasStartingBalance ControlAccount DeliveryAddress
All information bar the ControlAccount imports.

For Customer exports control accounts do not show up even if they have been selected manually
Export headings.
Code Name Email address Invoices Accounts receivable Available credit

I have read the information and tested a few times but to no avail. My control account is available to select within the customer but this will be tedious to do for my entire list.

@KazzaMozz, your explanation is not clear. Could you try to clarify, please? You mention importing and exporting in several places, but batch operations do not offer either an import function or export function, so it isn’t clear what you are referring to. Please use the actual terminology that shows on your screen.

instead of Batch Create, use Batch Update.
read my reply in post #2 and also the relevant guides on batch operations.

Hi there,
I will try to explain in more detail.
yes I have followed the guides.
yes I have been successful in Batch create/update/delete etc for my customers using the template and pasting a .CSV file with the information including the ControlAccount - I have 2 control accounts in Accounts receivable.
The template for batch create/Batch update/ Batch edit/ has the heading ControlAccount which as I understand from all the guides relates to one I have setup and believed I could bring the entry entered to show this specific Control Account.

However the headings on the customer when viewed do not show the ControlAccount as entered but shows it with Accounts receivable and the not the Control Account as per the information pasted.

I can select the control account manually under edit for the customer and choose the control account.

My question is why does it give the heading template ControlAccount in the customer batch create/update/delete but it does not take up the information and instead I have to manually enter which is quite tedious.
Even though I have entered this control account manually it still does not show in the customer review and only shows the heading Accounts Receivable which is fine but I hoped I could see both headings here.

The control account is visible under my Assets

I hope this gives a better explanation using the pictures.

Your illustration of the Customer edit screen does not show the critical information. Does it actually include a control account field? Like this:


Unless you have properly created a control account made up of customers, that field will not appear when defining or editing customers, and the existence of the account itself (which I assume is your 1215 Accounts receivable GPS account) is meaningless.

Yes I have created the control accounts as you can see in the Summary of our accounts.
Yes I have done so.
I copied the test section prior to sending this message. I do understand what to do.

click on the photo to see the 1215 Control Account.
I have over 20,000 codes and this issue is also a problem with batch create for TaxCode which also has to be selected manually as it will not pull in that column either.

What kind of codes are you referring to that you have 20,000 of them?

Inventory Codes.
This is the issue in regards to Batch create/update/delete for inventory.
I can select the tax code manually shown here.

When you do a batch create information shown on creation below info pasted from CSV file

next page

End result no control income account, control expense account nor Tax Code

Is there some way of not having to manually update what should come across in the batch update.
This is a major flaw and maybe I have missed somethingif we have to do this one by one as you can imagine with so many codes.
Thanks in advance

It’s actually more we do 22 colours of 1122 items and then we have another set of products 22 colours in 1000 different items

Not unusual for a product based system which my current one handles but we want more reporting than it can give so we are trialling out this package to see if it fits.

The way around 10% for infoices is to update the customer & supplier with the valid tax rate still a pain that it won’t pull it in when it gives you the heading but glad at least I don’t have to do it manually on each item when purchasing and invoicing.

Now that I’ve had a chance to look at your screen shots in more detail, I can explain your problems. You have several, most of them similar:

  • You did not follow @sharpdrivetek’s recommendation in post #2 of this topic to enter one item and then use Batch Update. The reason for doing this is to understand format and content for the various columns, which is not always obvious.
  • You are including currency symbols in your price columns. Do not do this, as the program does not expect it. Inventory pricing is always in your base currency.
  • You are confusing custom expense and custom income accounts for inventory items with control accounts. Control accounts are made up of subsidiary ledgers, such as customers. Custom income and expense accounts simply allocate costs and income from product sales to different accounts beside the default Inventory - sales and Inventory - cost. You can read more about control accounts in the Guides.
  • The biggest problem is that tax codes, custom income and expense accounts, and some others are represented in the database by 32-character hexadecimal keys, not plain-language names of accounts and codes like you have entered. So Manager ignores your entries. To know these keys, you must enter enough items to represent all your various tax codes and custom accounts. Then, you can copy and paste these keys into the right columns of a spreadsheet when doing a Batch Update. This may seem rather geeky, but it is much easier than entering thousands of items manually.

In summary, Batch Create by itself is really only useful if you are entering minimal information and accepting default allocations for inventory items. Otherwise, Batch Update after a few initial entries to prime the pump is a better way to go.

Hi Tut,
Thanks for the reply.
We can assure you we understand how to use the control accounts and have done many different scenarios to ensure we understand how manager handles things the photos were only showing some examples.
I did not wish to use my actual entries and used dummy items instead of the real entries.

We use specialised products which need their own Accounts recievable control lets call them Special!

We have Specialised suppliers which relate only to these customers and only these products
Control account for the recievables - customers for these products are allocated to this Account recievables (special)
The Supplier for these customers and only these specialised products - Control account: Accounts payable (special)

All other suppliers are standard accounts payable. We wish to see the two separately which we do on our current system.

When I put in a purchase order/invoice for the speciali supplier it sits under the accounts payable (special) where I want it on our current system and now on

Yes I did create one account in all areas required prior to doing the batch updates
We have already entered many inventory items and have played with several scenarios and different business types.

It was happy and imported all the with no problems I have the actual business setup with the codes and this did not worry the system. I will note that for next lot to leave out symbol

I invoice my specialised customer for the special products it sits under accounts recievable (special) where I want it.
They pay it goes to my specific bank for these customers.

My General ledger summary shows exactly what I need with the entries required and how our accountant wants it shown.

My only issue was the GST column and batch updates giving headings which didn’t pull info across. All I wanted to know was really how to get the info into this column.

As stated before I did read the advice and have all my customers created which was easy but I just wanted the Tax codes up as well.

Now I know I can review the database to get the key great I will do that.
It may also give me the other keys to other things needed.


@KazzaMozz, I’m glad you understood me. The concept of keys is difficult to explain and even harder to understand. We’ve been promised that eventually things will progress to plain-language entries that are more understandable.

Batch update inventory Item not working properly,

right now i have 3 custom fields active in inventory items
when i’m trying to use batch update nothing gets copied on the clipboard, i have a total of 2799 inventory items

i tried with a test new business with 50 or less items it worked even when custom field was active. Can you tell what i’m doing wrong or is there a bug? @lubos

@fahadalarab, are you using desktop, server, or cloud edition? Some users have reported problems with large numbers of items in copied lists for batch operations. But this may be due to bandwidth problems, where more time is needed to transfer data.

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