Batch Create in Inventory

Hello Manager team

I have tried to add inventory through batch Create. Followed the procedure in the guide. Copied all the fields in excel then added data to it but following fields are not added to the inventory attributes:

  1. Sale Price
  2. Custom Expense Account
  3. Custom Income Account
  4. Control Account

I have taken care of spelling of the above accounts and took care that account name are typed in exactly case sensitive manner. Still these fields were not added to inventory attributes.

Can anyone help please.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Umair Noor

You need to use UUID to link other records, see

I am not an IT person and hence could not understand the proposed solution. Can you please explain further in simple way and I don’t understand what is UUID. Need help to update my inventory in an efficient way. Thanking you in anticipation

  • Enter some items the normal manual way.

  • Use a “Batch update” (See the guide Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions) to see how the manually entered items are represented in Manager (look at the clipboard by pasting it in a spreadsheet or text editor program).

  • That is what you will need to produce if you want to add items via “Batch create” (except the final “Key” field is not included).

  • Some of the fields will contain a long hexadecimal number, their UUID or index into another table.

  • How to find these UUID is listed in the earlier link.

You may well need to employ an IT person to do this. Manually entering all the data is the alternative. What is most economical for you will depend on how many items need to be entered.

I still wish if we can just be able to get the Key of chart of accounts from batch updating Chart of Accounts because that is tedious.

Hi there,
I just did it as follows:
Open Inventory items, down the bottom choose batch create
On this screen click Copy to clipboard and when it says copied …
Rt Click in the blank box below and Paste.
this will copy the column headers into the box and the cursor should be under the first heading.
Then go to wherever your data is and arrange it in order according to the headers you just pasted.
Select all the data you want to import, highlight and Copy
go back to Manager, in the box, rt click where the cursor is and Paste, your data should appear.
At the bottom click on Batch update then check your Inventory items .

when you import system accept only key for

  1. Custom Expense Account
  2. Custom Income Account
  3. Control Account
  1. create one item with full information
  2. batch update
  3. you can get required key from there