Banking details on Customer Statement

Will I be able to insert banking details on a customer statement?
How will I be able to do so?

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What @Tut suggested will put banking details at the top which is a workaround since you would prefer to have banking details at the bottom I assume.

Right now, it’s not possible. I will need to improve this.

For the time being, if you are emailing customer statements, put banking details in email itself. If sending by mail, attach banking details separately.

Thank you lubos… I will do so.

I have just inserted the banking details in the Terms and Payment Advice section in the sales Invoice template, and it also appears at the bottom of the page on the Unpaid Customer Statement, but does not appear on the bottom of the Customer Transaction Statement, if that helps.

I simply inserted the details into the notes section of the invoice.
Like this…
Please remit to our Bank account
B xxxxxx Bank
BSB xxx xxx
Ac No 12345678

Then I set it to default and it comes up on every invoice

Old topic but agree this will be great… I

how did you do that? can you help me. i would like to have my payment Terms in every invoice rather to add them every time i create new invoice . Thanks

  1. Create a custom note for the invoices, called PaymentTerms for example.

  2. Set form defaults for Invoices and fill the details of the PaymentTerms custom note, save

  3. Create a new invoice and check result

It’s worked , many thanks

Is this still up for consideration “Banking Details on Statement”? We are not keen on placing detail at the top in the address area etc. As suggested the bottom will be perfect.

What is happening even though banking details are in the emailed template body and on the invoice people still call in asking for bank detail. The fix would be having it displayed at bottom of statement as well.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that no matter how often you put banking details on documents, some customers will still not see them and will call in looking for them.

You could use a custom theme for the Customer Statement with the banking details at the bottom.

No, because it is already possible, and has been for a long time. Note that this topic originated all the way back in 2016. Since then, many built-in themes have been added that put all business details, including banking information if they have been included, at the bottom. You can also now create custom themes that put that information wherever you want. Or you can just add a custom field for this information. By default, custom fields are placed at the bottom, even on the Plain theme.

Statements are the only reports displayed by themes, so you have very flexible alternatives for where your business details and banking information appear.

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So just to be clear for the Statement Reports this can only be achieved by the use of custom themes - Yes?

Because custom fields do not exist for reports.

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Not yet, but I don’t see why not.

In the screen where you choose the theme for the statement it should be possible to have custom fields.

I am in favor of that.

If you have a custom field for your business, it will print on the Statement Report if you select “Show custom field on printed documents”

But it will print in the header area of the report - so probably not ideal.

The report will also print any Customer custom field that is selected for “Show on custom field on printed document” but this is not a good place to store your bank details.

Creating a custom theme is probably the best way to achieve this

This idea and thought has been in the shadows for a long time but we are told there is no need for it to be in ideas probably because there was a suggestion back in 2016 that it needs to be improved? We have stayed away from custom themes which in so doing has offered us much stability over the years when it comes to upgrades. So with that track record it is unlikely we will introduce custom themes to solve this.

No. As I already wrote, you can use any of the built-in themes that put business details at the bottom, because custom fields defined for business details will also be put there. You do not have to write a custom theme. The built-in themes are just as stable as the Plain theme when it comes to updates.

True. But custom fields defined for other categories of information can appear on statements. These were what I was referring to when I wrote, “custom fields are placed at the bottom, even on the Plain theme.” What I did not say, but @Joe91 pointed out, is that you may not want to put certain information into custom fields for customers. That is definitely a shortcoming. But there are situations where different customers are given different banking information (perhaps based on location). So you might want to do that in some situations.

Hi @Tut, is this comment still valid in the latest version? I may we missing some setup, but my Business Details custom field (for business bank account) is not displaying at the bottom of the document, but in the header section below the business address? I am attempting to add banking details to the bottom of customer statements without creating a custom theme. I tested on Plain theme with no country selected.


That was your problem. I wrote that the original requester could use a built-in theme that placed business details at the bottom. The Plain theme does not do that. It puts Business Details in the header.

The screen shot below is with the built-in theme Glossy Black. The ABN Number at the bottom is a custom field in the Business Details section: