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When I import my bank statement and apply bank rules it does not show on the summary that it was imported even if Manager shows on the bank statement import that the bank rules are applied. If I go and edit then I have to manually select expenses * and then it shows

Can you clarify your problem? Specifically:

The Summary page does not have any information related to bank statement imports. Where, exactly, are you expecting something to show that it does not? And what are you expecting to be shown? Basically, after a statement is properly imported (Manager Cloud), transactions that have been imported are indistinguishable from those entered manually.

Are you referring to the Uncategorized Transactions list that appears during the import process? Are you saying the accounts shown in green are not applied when the Bulk Update button is clicked? Are you, in fact, checking boxes and clicking Bulk Update?

If the questions I have asked do not point you toward a solution, can you post some screen shots to illustrate your problem?

When I import my bank statement you can assign a bank rule for the transaction. Like expenses specially (BANK Charges) On your first page that give you the summary of all expenses and income you have Bank Charges.


You have not answered my most important question: “Are you, in fact, checking boxes and clicking Bulk Update?” The transactions are not created until you do.

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