Importing bank transactions

Is there an option in the dutch desktop editon that I can import my bankaccount in Manager. Now I do it one by one. Must be an possibility to do it quicker!?

When you say “one by one”, are you importing transactions one by one ?
When exporting from your bank account can’t you select a date range or period (month).
Then you should be able to export and then import the entire date range / period in one file.

You can import bank statements.

I am a new user of Manager Software. I tried to apply steps as mentioned by you but, I am unable to see Import Data tab after clicking on. I have attached a screenshot of my desktop for your reference. Please advise me. Thanks in advance!!!

Currently you have the Bank set up as a Petty Cash type account.
Edit the Cash Account and tick the “This account is maintained by a bank or other financial institution” box and the “Import Bank Statement” button will now appear

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Sir/ Madam,

I have tried everything but its not helping. Following are the screen shots of my system, kindly advice my through screenshots if possible. Even when I clicked on - “This account is maintained by a bank or other financial institution”, no impact is seen (screenshot attached for your reference).
Please help! Thanks in Advance!!

Did you read the Guide linked to above about importing bank statements? Specifically, did you click on the blue cleared balance amount for the bank account you want to import?

Oh Yes,

Got it sir!!
I do not have words to express my thanks to you.

Now, I have successfully Imported my bank statements for two months.
But, I am trapped in using Bank rules, accounting entries are not flowing directly to the ledgers. I have attached the screenshots to explain my problem clearly.

Please help me. Thanks in advance!!

On your last screenshot the tick boxes on the left hand side aren’t ticked.
Tick the very first one next to Date and that will auto fill all the others then click update

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Hi lubos,

I have Manager 17.4.31, there is no IMPORT button at all. Where has the bank statement import function gone?

Thank you

Allright, ive found it, thanks