Feature request: add multiple transaction to categories at once

I would like to request a very useful feature;

When I import my bankstatement I have all kinds of ‘uncategorised transactions’ that I have to edit one-by-one when (in my case) a lot of those transaction belong in the same category.
So, I would like to be able to add multiple transactions to the same category at once, and leave the other fields on the default setting.

Perhaps you could even add a category (= chart of accounts) column with the select dorp down in the overview to quickly set the category per transaction and the submit.


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Have you read this Guide?

Yes I have and this is a great feature however in my case I travel a lot and always end up with a lot of different transactions that do not reoccur.
For example a lunch in spain, a coffee along the way to an apointment, a dinner in venice, all kinds of stuff.
If im on a business trip I might have 20 transactions for that trip. I would like to mark them all as travel expenses for example, in one go.

On a side note: banking rules are great but I would really like the subject ‘search’ to match a little more fuzzy. Or to have some operators like AND / OR.

As an example, I have this overview where by I would like to batch change ‘random’ in the accounts column to something else in stead of having to edit them one by one.

Have you tried the Find & Recode function under Cash Accounts tab?

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YES! This is great!
That solves half the issue.
If this function would be added to the Uncategorized transactions page, so you could check multiple transactions and at the bottom assign the checked transactions to an account, that would be perfect!


Lubos does have plans to expand the F&R functionality across other tabs.

Ok, that is great. I hadn’t found that post yet.
Is there an ETA for that feature?

Dates for new features are never announced in advance.

I didn’t realize there was a Find & Recode function. It’s great! I also really like louisk’s idea of checking multiple random uncategorized transactions and categorizing them at once. When one is doing books for a sole proprietor it would be really nice to dump their personal transactions into their loan account without creating dozens of rules.

[I was going to create a new topic and was advised that this topic existed. I hope it is in order to revive something so old.]

Thanks for an excellent accounting program.

I don’t understand that not more people have this issue as a major pain point.
When one has to do the books once per 3 months there can be many transactions from a grocery store for example. Some grocery are done for the office and some for home, so make a rule is useless. You was to check 40 transactions at one and file them to ‘home groceries’ in one go. Etc etc.

What you’re doing is exercising poor control over your business. Trying to have accounting system bend backwards to compensate for bad business practices will only ruin the system, not only for you but for everyone else.

That’s why I am adamantly opposed to Manager addressing bad business practices as if they were legitimate requests for improvement.

Your solution is to check out your household items, pay for them, get the receipt and repeat again for your business items.

Also, why are you paying for groceries with your business bank account? Why not give yourself a salary, transfer that to your personal account and use that for your groceries?

In case you absolutely have to, you can pay from your own personal account and then create an expense claim.

Just try follow good business practices since these are already built into the design of Manager.

It’s hard to argue with your point, but it’s a pain when clients refuse to separate their private from business banking. I’m happy with this Find & Recode, which is a great help when one decides to be more granular in one’s reporting, or when one genuinely makes an error with a payment/receipt rule.

I do feel your pain. A simple tool or utility like find & recode would be ideal in that case, but I wouldn’t go as far as integrating convoluted workflows into the design though. That reminds me of many “custom” MS Access databases businesses used to have back in the day. :nauseated_face:

Louisk, I support your request for batch categorisation, it would be an awesome feature (find and recode mechanism). In the meantime, you may consider using batch update to categorise your Uncategorized transactions as well. I assume the transactions will be mainly Payments. If you batch update Payments and copy to Excel you will find that Uncategorized transactions have no Lines.Account value. Find the key for the appropriate account, update that for all the relevant transactions, copy back to manager and Update…

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Of course you are right however this is a very typical and expected answer for an accountant or bookkeeper to give.

Life does not work in a protocol fashion. It’s very “within the box” thinking.

Of course everyone knows you can put all the groceries down that are for your business and then pay for it and do the same for your home stuff with a different card, but in real life this often does not happen and it takes one two seconds opposed to five minutes to do this if the software supports this feature which imho is a far more efficient use of ones time.

Your reasoning is also flawed because it would mean that no software should exist to fix problems because no problems would exist if one did not make any, but this is just not reality.

Ever wondered why?

It’s also typical for doctors to tell you to stay away from carcinogens but what do they know about living life.

But significant external parties like auditors, governments, bank, investors, franchisors and also in some cases major customers and suppliers expect you to have your finances “within the box.” That’s one way of establishing trust.

I have numerous examples of great startups that tried to grow but nobody gave them a chance because their books were a mess. Even worse, some have decent financials but they lacked control.

If you fail to exercise some discipline with your finances, it’s going to come back and bite you one day.

If your time is that much more valuable than spending five minutes every couple of days or so to ensure your records are straight then surely you can afford to hire someone to do your petty stuff like accounting. That would save your valuable time in exchange for peanuts. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, I am still opposed to turning Manager into a mishmash of shortcuts to workaround doing things properly.

But just out of curiosity, why find & recode isn’t enough to solve your problem?