Feature request: add multiple transaction to categories at once

I would like to request a very useful feature;

When I import my bankstatement I have all kinds of ‘uncategorised transactions’ that I have to edit one-by-one when (in my case) a lot of those transaction belong in the same category.
So, I would like to be able to add multiple transactions to the same category at once, and leave the other fields on the default setting.

Perhaps you could even add a category (= chart of accounts) column with the select dorp down in the overview to quickly set the category per transaction and the submit.


Have you read this Guide?

Yes I have and this is a great feature however in my case I travel a lot and always end up with a lot of different transactions that do not reoccur.
For example a lunch in spain, a coffee along the way to an apointment, a dinner in venice, all kinds of stuff.
If im on a business trip I might have 20 transactions for that trip. I would like to mark them all as travel expenses for example, in one go.

On a side note: banking rules are great but I would really like the subject ‘search’ to match a little more fuzzy. Or to have some operators like AND / OR.

As an example, I have this overview where by I would like to batch change ‘random’ in the accounts column to something else in stead of having to edit them one by one.

Have you tried the Find & Recode function under Cash Accounts tab?

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YES! This is great!
That solves half the issue.
If this function would be added to the Uncategorized transactions page, so you could check multiple transactions and at the bottom assign the checked transactions to an account, that would be perfect!

Lubos does have plans to expand the F&R functionality across other tabs.

Ok, that is great. I hadn’t found that post yet.
Is there an ETA for that feature?

Dates for new features are never announced in advance.