BANK RULES changes

How does “Bank Rules” work when my client only uses cheques? It works when thee is a description from the bank but with cheques it is different. If I use the “Find and Reconcile” I would like to be able to choose a particular bank account. At the moment I have three bank accounts and it becomes tedious.

This is actually quite a good idea. I will be looking into this.

You want to do Find & recode on single bank account only?

Just a quick query , Is it possible or will you review the ability to have a bank rule that allows to split the account allocated to. I ask this because say I want to create a rule for a phone account supplier automatic payment , however their account is made up of GST items and GST free Items. It would be nice to have the ability to split the transaction in the bank rule. No problem if you don’t want to go down this path but just putting the suggestion forward… thanks

In future, it will be possible to split transaction based on bank rules so that’s definitely in the pipeline.