I can not select check boxes in Uncategorized transactions

I cannot select any of the items in uncategorized transactions showing as suspense account as the check boxes are grayed out whats happening?

Can you please describe, click by click, how you got to the problem you are describing? And what exactly do you mean by “check boxes?” Are you referring to the Edit and View buttons?

check box is a small box on a form into which a tick or other mark is entered as the response to a question or to select an item in computing. when I navigate to Bank Accounts/ statement balance/ (This bank account contains 403 uncategorized transactions)/ View/ Uncategorized transactions the check boxes are grayed out so I can not select any of the transactions to assign them.

Thanks for the additional information, @Michaelfintan. I was able to reproduce your problem. Unfortunately, I have no idea what is causing it. This definitely looks like a bug to me. @lubos will need to address this. Sorry.

However, individual entries that show can be edited. And new bank rules can be crated.

This is as designed. See: Manager Cloud

Now that I read about it, @lubos, it makes sense: you can only bulk update those transactions matched by rules. I was thinking I might want to select those transactions I recognized as belonging to one income or expense account and bulk update (edit) them all at once. :blush:

But I swear the Guide you referenced must be new. Did you just write that one?

Yeah, it’s new one.

It’s still possible to just select transactions and recategorize in bulk without bank rules but that’s under Find & recode button (bottom-right corner) when you click on Bank accounts tab.

this new feature makes it very hard for me to use this program as the euro transaction codes ( like the code after a loan) are all unique so none are the same. this means I go fishing for each loan transaction and I have 3 loans!

there must be a way to do this more efficiently

The idea behind bank rules is that rather than going through the same bulk-categorization process every time you import bank statements, you just set up bank rules once and then Manager will remember how to bulk-categorize your transactions.

Are you saying it’s impossible to make a bank rule for that type of transaction? Can you give some specific example?

hi Lubos,

here is an example:

when i import bank statement bank loans show as eg:
Bank loan HHRG123889 €300, the next month: Bank loan GGITR983637 €300.
and I have 3 loans on this account with 3 different payment amounts so its not easy to assign them.

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