Bank Reconciliation

Morning! I have downloaded the latest version (17.10.85) and suddenly all my books have gone a bit screwy. The bank recon is no longer working, it says I haven’t done a recon since January 2017 but if I try to put in the opening balance it will not accept the amount. Am I doing something wrong?

Many thanks!

have you checked this guide Reconcile bank accounts | Manager ?

I have … but as soon as I enter a closing balance for the month it returns to zero and will not let me go any further.

can you post screenshots of how you are doing it?

I can try …

have you set any Lock Date under Settings?

Not that I remember and there isn’t a date there at the moment.

What about the Start Date?

Would that be under “Set Period”?

It is set to 01-11-2017 Custom 31/10/2018

Start Date under Settings.

Also try deleting all the reconciliation dates. then create and update them one after another. not by creating all the dates and then updating later.

Oh thank you so much!!! It worked! All reconciled now! What do I do if I have to carry on capturing daily? Do I open a new set of books to keep the old figures available for the auditors to look at?

you mean reconcile daily? just follow the same procedure.

the reconciliations are shown for all the dates you have reconciled. you do not need to create new books as long as you are using the same bank account.

When I changed the date to the new financial year all my figures changed and there weren’t any closing balances shown (customers, etc). Our financial year end was 31/10/2017. I still need to be able to access the old figures for the auditors (in case there are changes). Do you think it will be safer to open a new set of books?

No, don’t open a new set of books. See this Guide: Close an accounting period | Manager.

Also, understand that a bank reconciliation report does not store the actual report. It stores the definition of parameters to generate a report. So you can always create a replacement report as long as you have the original business data file. And since Manager is a perpetual accounting system, you will.

Further, know that Set Period controls reporting on the Summary page and for income and expense accounts. It neither locks old transactions nor establishes a start date. See these Guides:

When you mention changing the date to the new financial year, what were you referring to? If this was a change of dates under Set Period, you should expect all income and expense account balances to change. And balance sheet accounts could change based on whether you using accrual or cash basis accounting. All this is proper functioning. But nothing changes the underlying transactions. You can always recover information for any date or period.