Bank Reconciliation Date

I have just upgraded Manager (desktop) and imported my files.
However, I have some weird reconciliation dates. One is 0017, which I sort of understand as I had accidentally missed the 20 before 17 in the older version of Manager, but I corrected it. There is no reason for the 0001 date.
I have reconciled both accounts showing the odd dates but they have not updated.
I have tried to upload a screen shot, so hope it converts when you receive this.
Help please.
Thanks and cheers, Ann

Bank reconciliation problems are among the hardest to diagnose remotely, because the process and experience depends heavily on just about every transaction you’ve ever entered. So the following bits of advice are general. And some thoughts are just potentially helpful pieces of information. Plus, I’ll ask some questions:

  • First, why did you import files if all you did was update the software? You don’t need to do that. The new version of the program calls the same external data file from your application data folder as the old one. If restructuring of the database needs to occur because of some new feature, it happens automatically. So depending on exactly what you did, you may have cause any problems that exist.

  • If you have set a start date, what is it? You don’t need to, and should not, set a start date unless you are migrating to Manager from a previous accounting system and have balance sheet account balances to enter as of the time you start using Manager. When you set a start date, Manager needs starting balances to go with it, and in some cases it generates things on its own as a result of other entries you’ve made. A reconciliation report might be one of them, though I’ve never encountered that before.

  • Have you drilled down on the 31/12/0001 date? If not, can you please do so and post a screen shot of the results?

  • You say you’ve reconciled both accounts with strange dates, but they did not update. Where did you exit the process? (They would either have reconciled successfully, returning you to the list, or you’d still be stuck in some dialogue loop.)

  • Can you click on the date for one of these accounts and then click View for the latest reconciliation report? Post a screen shot of it.

Thank you, thank you - we have fixed the dates of both accounts by drilling down. I am sure those dates weren’t there when I first looked after reading your message!

However, Manager is ‘quitting unexpectedly’ quite often, and you mentioned that I did not need to import my previous version of Manager files, so maybe this is why. Please note that I have the Desktop version, not icloud.

I imported the files from the 2014 version of Manager I was using, because when I opened the updated version of Manager it was empty and I read that you needed to import the backup files. Everything imported according to the instructions I found.
FYI I still have the old version of Manager in my Applications folder, as a backup in case of problems, as recommended by your site.
Thank you so much - I am really enjoying the new version - it’s fabulous.

You should get rid of the old version of Manager. It is literally thousands of updates behind. And, if it is as old as 2014, it almost certainly does not have the built-in prevention against opening files that have been opened by newer versions. Serious data corruption would occur.

Manager’s newer versions are able to open older data files. They convert the database structure if necessary to accommodate new features. But you cannot go the other direction. Once a business has been opened in a newer version, you must not open it with an older version. So trying to correct something by using the older version would be a serious mistake.

You mention a recommendation to keep old versions around. I don’t know where you found that, but it must have been someone on the forum expressing a personal viewpoint. That is not recommended and can be dangerous, as outlined above.

Thanks very much. It was just a recommendation to keep it until you get the updated file running smoothly, I think. I haven’t had any crashes today, so perhaps all my glitches are now fixed.
Thanks for your help.