Bank Reconcilations

Bank reconciliation feature is not working? I have ticked the checkbox to add it to the customized listing however there was no ‘enable’ button? As per the guide - It just gives me a total unreconciled figure rather than the breakup - So, I’m unable to drill down into each individual transaction

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Kindly share screenshots.

Did you setup your Bank accounts correctly as indicated in the guide?

Yes, I ticked the checkbox to add Bank Reconciliations however I didn’t see an ‘Enable’ button?

Would rather not for privacy reasons

No one will be able to help without seeing some screen shots.

You can blank out private info before uploading.

Diagnosing what you have done wrong is impossible using your description

Ok, however, why is the ‘Update’ button missing?

Create a dummy business which illustrates the issue and create screen shots from that.

It’s Ok I’ve worked it out - all good now - Thanks for your help

Great :slight_smile:

Would you mind saying what you did to work it out - it might be of help someone else who has a similar problem in the future

On the subject of Bank Reconciliations - how do you disable this feature so that it no longer appears in the list on the Left Hand Side?
I have tried going into Customize but it is already unchecked. If I check it and then uncheck it again then Bank Rec disappears (this is before I select Update). However, on selecting Update then Bank Rec reappears!!

Do you have any bank reconciliation reports? If so, delete them, then disable the tab.

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Thanks @Tut - that worked cheers

The current setup only provides a summary report fo bank reconciliations.

There are several discussions on how to improve the reconciliation abilities of manager, namely this one:

Maybe if one of the proposal receives enough likes, the developer might consider putting it in ideas.