No ability to reconcile bank statement

I assume there should be something in Settings I need to tick to allow bank reconciliations but cannot find it.
At the moment this is not an option in Reports.
I am using the desktop edition of Manager.

The Bank Reconciliation process in Manager is a little different to how other programs might manage the process. So, just to find out what steps you may or may not have gone through, have you seen the guide here: Reconciling bank accounts

Do you have a Cash Account set up?

If so, did you tick the box This account is maintained by a bank or other financial institution when setting up the Cash Account?

Under Reports, Do you have a Cash Accounts section?

If so, do you have Bank Reconciliation Statement option?

Thanks for that.
I had while waiting finally decided to tick the box to activate Cash Account and then had to go back and undo three months of data input.
Not exactly intuitive programming.
I do now have that process working although I cannot do a reconciliation until I reenter my transactions.

Why do you have to go back and undo three months of data input ?
Just ticking that box shouldn’t require any data changes.