Bank reconile


I am wondering how I bank reconcile as I cant seem to find the button?

It has moved in

Current procedure is described in Reconcile bank accounts

I am sorry I still not understanding how to do bank reconcile for each month

Did you read the Guide? If not, please do. If so, what do you not understand? Be specific.

I cant find the bank reconcilation button?

It is hard to give a clearer description than already in the referenced guide. Sometimes pictures help

Got to customize
01 Customise

Enable the tab
02 Enable

Go to the reconcile tab

Do the reconciliation
04 Reconcile

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Found it thanks

Also is there anyway to find out where somethin has been entered wrong by a few years?

Have you tried doing a bank reconciliation? It guides you.

If that is not working, do a bank reconciliation near the time you think there maybe an error then work forwards.

Clearly if there are multiple errors over many years, they may take some time to find and correct.

It may be helpful to proceed in short spans of time.