Bank reconciliation issues

Hi, I have a couple of issues with the bank reconciliations on one of the businesses I work on.

Before I had begun working for this business, there were a number of months where the bank accounts had not been reconciled due to the fact that dates for bank payments made were out of sync by a few days on the actual bank statements and on Manager. These discrepancies were later accounted for and I have had the bank reconciliations in order since November 2018. However, notwithstanding this, the bank accounts summary page is still showing the account as ‘unreconciled’, giving the last reconciliation date as the last reconciled date before the period of non reconciliations, rather than the last time the bank was actually reconciled, which was 1st June 2019.

To make matters worse, since the last update, now when I click on the last reconciliation date and go to the list of bank reconciliations, I can no longer ‘view’ any of the bank reconciliation statements after the period of unreconciled accounts. The ‘view’ button has disappeared for these particular entries and viewing is no longer an option. Only the ‘edit’ button remains for these entries.

The second issue seems to be a bug, the first I’m not sure, but I’m hoping they can both be fixed. I have a screenshot of the issue, but not sure how to attach it here.


Your situation reflects changes described here: Bank reconciliation gets unclear - #3 by lubos.

Be sure to read the rest of that thread. Your observation of View buttons disappearing is consistent with the post linked to above. But @lubos seemed to say in post #6 of that thread that my observation of View buttons remaining was intentional. Therefore, I believed he had made a subsequent change.

So first, make sure you have the latest update (they have been released recently on a furious pace). Then see if the behavior persists. If the problem remains, try deleting and recreating those old reconciliation statements. (Reconciliation statements are not actually saved. Only their parameters are saved. The statements themselves are created fresh every time you view them.) You may have to reconcile old statements you want to keep. (It wasn’t clear what you meant by “discrepancies were later accounted for.”)

Thanks Tut, this was helpful. I had searched for the topic, but I hadn’t noticed that thread. The discrepancies were to do with the dates being mismatched and a couple of errors in amounts being one or two cents off. I just deleted the old unreconciled statements, since they are never going to be reconciled in those periods anyway, due to those discrepancies. I hadn’t thought of simply getting rid of them before. I can now view all my reconciled statements. Many thanks