Subject field when "spending / receiving money" on invoices


Every time I select “receive money” or “spend money” on invoices the subject field is blank - I have to copy and paste the original text in. Is there a way to stop this happening please?


I think you’ll find that leaving the description field blank will not affect it. Once the Spend / Receive transaction is complete you’ll see the description filled in. I think the field is just not being filled at that particular transaction level.

Lubos will fix that soon, I’m sure. :smiley:


Can you post some screenshot what you expect to see where? I’m not sure whether I understand the issue properly.


Create a PO and insert description.

PO contains description text

Spend money to pay invoice - description text is missing.

Invoice now paid - description re-appears.

Hope this helps. :smile:


Leaving it blank does work for the “spend money” form but when you then go to the bank account view, there is no description.