When I try to backup - all that happens is I get multiple downloads any ideas what is going on?

Can you provide more information? What downloads? Where do they appear? What version of Manager? And are you using desktop, server, or cloud?

Backing up should not generate any downloads, just write the file to the designated location. Or are you possibly referring to restoring from your backup?

Are you using Cloud edition? If so, clicking Backup button will allow you to “download” your accounting file from cloud to your computer. That’s how backup works. Making a copy of data and storing it elsewhere.

I am not sure what version I am using - but only installed last week. I am using a desktop with Windows 10. When I click on the backup button in the top right hand corner of the page. The computer starts downloading continuously - I am just using the desktop version.

Click on About Manager on the top menu bar to see what version you have. If you installed last week from the web site directly, you will be up to date (or very nearly so). However, if you downloaded from some other site, you could be badly out of date.

Sorry, but I can’t help you with Windows problems. It doesn’t sound like you have a problem with Manager itself, but rather with your operating system or something strange you did when you set up Manager.

I would do a screenshot if I were you. I cannot follow what is going on - downloading continously - do you mean that it is backing up repeatedly in a loop or is it taking hours to backup? Screenshots will help us to see what is going on. Otherwise the only thing I can suggest is that you setup a remote viewing session with the developer so he can see what is going on as this doesn’t sound like something that can be troubleshooted in the forum as we need to see what is happening. Screenshots please.