Manager Cannot backup or copy to clipboard

Since last week I am not able to Backup my Manager files for any of my companies nor I can use “Copy to Clipboard” button/feature. I can use highlight then copy & Paste.
I have been downloading every day since last Wednesday, installing the latest version still the same problem.
Is it something on my laptop conflicting, I have not updated the system of installed anything in the last month.

You need to furnish more information. What edition of Manager (server or desktop)? What operating system and version number?

I am using a MacBook Pro - Mojave 10.14.6, with a Desktop, Manager 21.2.4 which was installed this morning. Once you click the backup button, Manager opens the window for backup with file name but it does not open the Finder for saving manager file.

Backing up is a two-step process. The first allows you to name the back and decide whether to include history, emails, and attachments. Click the Backup button again to open the Finder. See the Guide: Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager.

Its that right its a 2 steps process, first the back up window open with the file name ( Attachments, Emails, History) then click on BACKUP button which then open the Finder (in Mac) to choose which Folder ( Desktop, My Documents, etc) you want to save the file.
Once you have click on the BACKUP button the screen, goes grey, like the file is trying to find the finder for choosing the location, but it never open.
Same thing with BUTTON "Copy to Clipboard, click on it, the screen greys out but nothing happens.
Click on Batch PDF button the software just crashes.

Once the Finder opens, there is no additional Backup button. After choosing your location for saving the backup, you click Save in the Finder dropdown window.

Where in the program? In a report? At the bottom of a list? During a Batch Update? You really must provide complete information, as those are all three separate operations.

Now you have introduced a third topic to a thread that already had two. Please do not do this. It makes it impossible to follow the discussion.

Problems with PDFs using macOS 10.14.6 are the subject of an existing bug report. Post your comments about this issue there.