Backup via backup button fails

When I click on the backup button I get the following message:

“Adobe reader cout not open Avantean (2018-06-30)(4).manager because it is either not a supported file type of because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn’t correctly decoded”

Ca someone help me out with this?

It looks like you are trying to open a .manager accounting file with Adobe Reader. You can only open accounting files with Manager. Further, a Backup operation should not open any file at all; it creates a file and gives you the opportunity to save it somewhere of your choosing.

It does not appear that you have the Manager application open at all. So how could you be clicking the Backup button?

Agree, the only way to click the button is while having the application open, and I know that by now! I do also know that backup should not open any file. That is the reason why I am asking, because I don’t think this is logic/correct either!
I click the button in the open Manager application. Once I have clicked the button, this is the window that I get. In the past I did not receive this message and I could backup my work normally. I am getting this since a couple of weeks now.

I have no idea how you could jump from an open Manager application to Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking a button in Manager. And I especially do not understand how this could happen without Manager being open, which is what your task bar suggests. Possibly, clicking the Backup button caused Manager to crash.

Can you first update your software? Then try the process again, but this time, capture a screen shot before you click Backup as well as after. Make sure you screen shots capture the entire screen. If proprietary information shows, you can obscure that.

The screen right before I click BACKUP. And the message that I get immediately after clicking the button.
I am not analplabetical with computers,it is a real problem that I am facing and I am looking for a solution to it because I don’t see the logic either.

Looks like your file associations are messed up somehow

Which version are you using server or cloud?

I didn’t realize from your first post that you were on either the server or cloud edition. That explains why it showed no Manager icon in the taskbar.

@Joe91’s observation seems correct. Either your browser or Windows is set up to associate .Manager files with Acrobat Reader. It looks like you are using Chrome. Trying logging in with a different browser and see if the same thing happens. That will isolate the problem to browser versus Windows.

Right click on the downloaded .manager file and associate it with manager or, better, remove the association

Thank you all for your observations and advice. The file association was indeed messed up. I have changed it, and the backups works now perfectly. Thank you!