Doing backup

I took a back up. It saved as a PDF. Is it correct?
Can I send it to another person? How do they open it?

You create a backup by clicking the Backup button in the top right corner of the Manager window. The file saves in Manager’s format, not as a PDF. When created correctly, you can send it to another person who has the application installed or accessible. They can import it and see all records of the business.

If you ended up with a PDF file, you did something wrong (or different).

I did the way you advise but still back up is saving as a PDF. Once I tried to open back up using adobe reader unknowingly how to retrieve back up. After that only all back ups saved as Adobe PDF.

Today just to check I tried with photo viewer. Now back up saves as photo viewer.
Please help me to put this back to the correct way.

You have associated “.manager” extension with some other program. Backups should be still saving with “.manager” extension even if Adobe Reader is trying to (unsuccessfully) open them as PDFs.