Backup Data

I cannot backup the data. Please refer to the attachments.

Please guide me on how to backup the data?

Follow the Guide about making backups. You seem to be trying to open files midway through the process.

How about my attachments? Is your answer based on my attachments? i followed what the Guide says on backup, then I got that results (refer to the attachments). I need to know the details why I got those attachments, what I need to do?

My answer has nothing to do with your attachments. Your screen shots indicate you are trying to (1) obtain an unavailable application, (2) open a Manager backup file without having Manager installed on your machine, and (3) open a Manager backup file with Safari.

None of those actions is related to making a backup, with or without attachments. All of those dialog boxes were generated by the macOS operating system, not Manager.

i have similar experience. Like after clicking backup button sometimes a dialog showed up to save or open the named.manager. At this point i cancel the backup then do again. or select the save option.

He has clicked the ok button with open option selected.

There is no “OK” button anywhere in Manager.

That ‘ok’ button with the Open/Save dialog box. The exact box showed up when we download something with a browser.
A box like this
firefox-open-or-save-file-dialogbox for manager001

@Doronto, it is a feature of the operating system, not the Manager program. You are trying to diagnose @ailebioline’s problem without any information on what was done. But what is obvious is that it has nothing to do with Manager.

Well, let me check few time more. if i find a way to recreate this. i will inform you.

Even in the box that you showed you can see: "Open with [Notepad (default)], while you should save the backup file not open it as mentioned by @Tut.

It is a backup of all (assuming you kept the selected default “Attachments, Emails, and History” selected. Such backup is easy to import in Manager on any of its supported platforms.

  • In Manager (browser) window after clicking the “Backup” button
    Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 6.03.31 AM

  • The browser will present the user with and Open / Save Dialogue box (the exact appearance and options varies with browser and operating system)

  • The user must select Save File not “Open with”. Doing so will enable the user to choose a locations on the computer to save the Manager business file

  • In contrast if the user chooses “Open”, the browser will look for a program to open the business file with, and fail.

Yes, it happens as you find this. I was trying to recreate the sequence but forgot that.

The only way to backup selecting save option.