Manager and Mac

I want to talk a client into having Manager but they have a mac and I have windows can I still pick up their backups so I can work on them? or do they have to send me the reports and I re-enter or do They export it to excel and I import it.

You can directly import their backup file via the Add Business button. Read the Guide:

Before they create the backup, both of you should update to the same version of Manager. The program changes almost daily, so be sure you both have identical versions. If you make changes to their file, before backing up to send it back, be sure you both update again.

It would be a lot easier to use the cloud version for this.

Yes, but perhaps not worth it for quarterly or annual exchanges with an accountant.

Tut you are right I do their year accounts once a year. I am not going onto cloud when I do a couple of contractors accounts once a year that just does not make scene to pay for cloud for the little return I get.

Well I was actually thinking that you clients would pay for the cloud service so that its easier for them to hand you their accounts annually and they can also use the cloud to access their accounts from any location. I have never known it that the accountant pays for the clients cloud access.

I understand what you are say dalacor. My clients are very small single contractors who only use manager maybe once a month if but that they dont need to be cloud based as they dont need access from anywhere.The clients that do I have already talked them into cloud based. By the way Tut yes I know how to use the back up button do it all the time but what I was asking was if they have a mac and I have windows can I use their back ups to my computer? as they are for 2 diffrent systems

Yes, absolutely. Make sure all machines have the same version installed before making your backup and importing on the other machine. See the Guide:

Whoops I have not read the guide for a while. I do have a question which is kind of an accounting question well more of what would you do.
I have a new client who has bought 12 vending machines, 3 are to one of her customers and 4 are to another and so forth . she wants to keep track of how much she restocks or takes a product out ofeach machine and how much she has sold and not only for each machine but each customer. can I get her to use manager and how would the set up be. This is first client I have that has a stock situation along with keeping track of things

Has this client had vending machines before or is this their first.

If it’s their first, then they need to establish a paper system which would be used to record the various stock and money movements while attending each machine. Then that vending machine attendance sheet is used to enter data in to Manager. You could use tracking codes for per customer performance, per machine would be a much tougher assignment.

In fact, the client may find in six months time that per machine could be micro accounting.

In future, the vending machine situation could be handled by the warehousing module. Each machine would be set up as a warehouse, so your client could track how much inventory was in each machine. Likewise, each machine could be set up as a petty cash account. No need for tracking codes.

For now, though, there is no workable approach that I see inside Manager.

How does a petty cash account produce a P&L per machine or per customer.
While it may be useful for processing the income it can’t show the inventory COGS - as that’s not cash.

Once you have an effectively designed “vending machine attendance sheet” - cash and inventory movements. Then you have a workable data source for entry into Manager. Admittedly, the warehousing module would provide cleaner inventory management compared to inventory custom control accounts per customer - a de facto warehouse via BS account

My assumption is that the warehouse module would separate COGS from different warehouses (such as when you have two distribution centers). Of course, they may turn out not to be true. We’ll have to wait and see.

Regardless of how it ends up being entered into Manager, I think you are correct that a good “vending machine attendance sheet” is necessary, as I can’t really foresee a delivery driver logging into the accounting system as the machine is restocked and cash is removed. But who knows these days with all the various connectivity tools we have.