Backup before closing

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but if I spend all day entering info, then close before backing up I lose all that data is that correct. Unfortunately coming from MYOB and Quickbooks where it was not necessary to back up every time, I do sometimes forget. Yes I know you should always back up, but could that not be an auto feature

You will not lose your data if you close the program without hitting Backup button. Data is written to the disk immediately when you create or update any record just like on MYOB or Quickbooks.

So if you are experiencing this issue, you must have some third-party program on your computer that is overriding your data to previous state or something like that.

Can you try on different computer?

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Thank you for your reply. I just tried to recreate the problem, but everything is working as you say, must have done something, but all looks good now. Really very happy with what you have done.