Starting new year

I finished the 2014, now I’m going to key in 2015. Do I need to back up?

As with any application, it is always a good idea to back up a significant amount of work. So, yes, you can back up Manager after putting in a full year of data. When you create a backup, you are backing up everything ever entered. So there is no reason to create a 2014 backup and a separate 2015 backup. Just back up whenever you have entered as much data as you are willing to lose. Of course, your backup should be on a separate drive or storage device.

hi, ok so i back up the 2014, after back up i separate of 2 file .so i can start to key 2015 as i have already back up , its correct?

I am not sure I understand what you are saying. Are you saying you already made a backup of 2015 data before you entered 2014 data? And did you somehow enter 2014 data as a separate business? I hope not, because I think the only way to combine them would be to enter all of one year’s data in the file containing the other year.

Whatever you have done, you should only have one Manager file. You can go backwards and enter old information if you desire. But that is not necessary. You can choose your start date under Settings for the day you started using Manager. Then you can set opening balances for accounts that were already going under a previous accounting system.

sorry may b i make trouble u already…
ok, i haved finish my account 2014 full year, now i want start the new year for Jan 2015- Dec 2015.i have to back up my 2014 account ?

what should i do now?

You continue using the same business file for all accounting years. Manager is designed to be multi-year which means you don’t start new business file every year from scratch. You simply continue entering transactions into your existing file which will cover all years.

oh… ok, so i just continue to key the following year. thanks…

so i need key new start date?

No, don’t change start date. Simply keep using the program as if there was no new year.

If you like, you can set new Lock date under Settings tab to prevent changes to previous periods, see: Manager Cloud

oh… ok…thank you very much your information.