How do I access backup's

I do regular backups by pressing the backup on the summary page in Manager.
I thought I would find out how to access the backup file in case needed one day, a box pops up in the middle of my mac …There is no application set to open the document “accounts.manager”.

What application will open this back up file or how do I use the file in Manager if I need it??

Hope that makes sense

Everything is done In Manager, go to “Add Business” then “Import Backup” browser to where you saved your downloaded backup file, then hit the “Import Backup” button.
In server edition be sure to be logged in as the Manager Admin user.

hello,for applying backups,you should click on ‘add business’ and ‘import backup’ in businesses tab. then import your previous backups.

Brilliant, thank you very much for your help.
worked well.