Backup in desktop edition

I am using Manager Desktop edition.
Is it possible to take a backup.

When you have a business open the backup button is near the top right corner

The backup method is explained in the Guides at

Hi. I just started to use it and need to import my file in there . Is any chance to do that? I am using iMac so i have every thing on iMac excel, is no microsoft excel . and import back up button doesn’t help, because it shows that i have invalid file format

What do you mean by “my file”? Manager doesn’t import general accounting excel files.
If you search the forum specific data relating to inventory, suppliers, customers can be balk imported.
The “import back up” button can only import a Manger created back-up files.

so that means i have to enter all invoices manually? Thats too much work…

That is not necessary to convert to Manager. Set a Start Date and enter opening balances as of that date as described in the Guide at In bank accounts, cash accounts, customers, suppliers, fixed assets, and so forth, you have the option of entering an opening balance as of the start date. For outstanding sales or purchase invoices, you must enter those individually, listing the actual date before your start date.

There is no reason to recreate your entire accounting history when switching to Manager. The setup process basically provides a snapshot in time. You move on from there.

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thank you all