Backing Up

Backup into a folder in my documents is not happening. Any suggestions?

You don’t say what operating system you are using. We are using Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS and for the desktop version it gives us a “Save as” window to choose where to save and what to call the file. With the server version, our system sees backups from Manager as downloads and sends them to the “Downloads” folder. We then cut and paste from there to our archive folder.

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Thanks, using an OS X 10.9.4 Macbook Air and I do get the “Save As” window, but when I try documents, only see an empty folder. I looked in downloads, following your advice… no luck there either. Any other tips?

When Save as window shows, in Where field, select Desktop. Then click Save button.

Check whether backup file has been saved on your desktop.

Thanks! I have it on my desktop now, but next little problem is finding an application to open it. Maybe that is Apple thing?

Have a look at Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager. It explains how to restore data in Manager from backup.