Back up to another computer trouble with Base currency

Hi lubos,
First excellent software thanks a lot, I am facing a problem hard to understand. I have entered data with Base currency INR. The operating system is win 10. When I try to take a backup and and put it in another machine with win7. On the INR currency it makes it empty boxes. This dosent happen with US dollar currency it’s only problem is with INR. Can you please help me how to fix this.
Highly appreciate your support

Are the win 10 and win 7 computers running exactly the same edition of Manager ?

Hi , Thanks a lot for your quick response. the windows 7 Manager version is 17.3.20. downloaded today from the download link and the win 10 Manager version is 17.1.81 and it was downloaded some 2-3 weeks back. and the data was entered in win 10

So the upload into Win7 should be ok as its a latter edition, however if you try the reverse 17.3.20 to 17.1.81 there could be issues so try and keep both machines on the same edition if you are going to be swapping data.

Alternatively if you have internet access to both, you could consider putting the Manager Data files on a free cloud service (GoogleDrive, Dropbox, Onedrive) then there is no need to transfer the data back and forth.

However getting back to the currency issue, am assuming that you have checked the Settings - Base Currency setups are identical.

When you say it doesn’t happen to the US$ is this within the INR business or in a separate businesses ?

Can you post a matching screenshot from each which illustrates the issue.

Thanks a lot, the issue is same with the INR business, please find attached screenshots

So are you referring to the INR symbols being replaced with empty boxes.
My guess is that the INR symbol is not part of the Win7 character set, so not displayable.

But as an aside, a lot of your Journal entries appear to be cash type transactions, if yes, then they shouldn’t be entered via Journals.

@Hamzakhan03, you also have no cash account(s) set up. As far as Manager is concerned, you are neither spending or receiving money. Read these Guides:

Hi, yes i am referring to the INR symbol, is there a way to have this character set.

thanks a lot again for the input of cash type transaction sure i will do it as suggested

highly appreciate your support

Google it, how to update/import character sets into Win7
Or how to add INR symbol into Win7 character set.