Indian currency symbol is not displaying

The symbol is displaying in blocks. Your help would be appreciated in sorting it out…

Is this on Windows XP? My first guess would be that on Windows XP, the font Manager is using, doesn’t contain Indian currency symbol.

Hi Lubos. I’m using Windows 7 OS. When i installed Manager for the first time, and when i created the first sales invoice the symbol was displaying, from second invoice it started showing in blocks.

I don’t think merely creating second invoice could trigger this. Try to open a website in Internet Explorer which contains Indian currency symbol. Do you see the same issue in Internet Explorer?

Its displaying in internet explorer lubos. I’m using a desktop version of MANAGER. I took a back up of my files and uninstalled and re-installed the Manager. Still the symbol is showing up in blocks. I have a Rupee font installed in my system as well.

Try another test. When you create new sales invoice, enter Indian currency symbol to the description somewhere. Then view the invoice. Does it show the currency symbol in description field?

Hi lubos. I’m not able to directly enter the Indian Currency Symbol in description area. But i tested it in Microsoft word document, it shows there. Earlier for the first time when i created the invoice the symbol was displaying. Find the attachment below.

What do you mean you are not able to enter currency symbol? Copy and paste this: ₹₹₹₹₹₹

I meant the same… I copied and pasted the symbol in the description area, also i tried to type it manually. Both are not working. Its showing the same fancy blocks. I think i will manage it without that symbol. You could please close this issue. Thank you…

@Ajesh, is there any chance you accidentally changed to a different keyboard layout without the symbol? What OS are you using? Some take the keyboard layout from the document you open, which might explain why the symbol is available in whatever Word document you used for testing but not in Manager.

Hi Tut. No i haven’t changed the keyboard layout. I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate. I checked it by copying and pasting it in manager and at the same time to word document. Its working in word but not in Manager. May be i think its because I’m using a desktop version or something like that. I have a doubt, does the desktop version connects with the internet?

What’s really happening here is that the font Manager is using doesn’t contain Indian currency symbol. That’s why you see placeholder character (a square) instead.

Normally the font should contain the character but perhaps you have installed new fonts which have replaced the original ones that come with Windows. But then you should see the same problem across more programs, not just in Manager only.

The point is that it’s impossible for me to determine the cause unless I see it for myself. If you like, email to to arrange TeamViewer session.

May be you are true… That’s fine. I will use currency prefix instead. Thank you…