Create and email invoice option

Hi, just a thought and suggestion in relation to creating invoices and emailing them. I know it is only a 3 step process to create and send an invoice. Create, then on the invoice click the email button and then click send, but when you are creating a lot of invoices I thought it would be a good option to have from the create button, in addition to just create or create and add another, but a create and email option too from the drop down arrow. I acknowledge that having a 3 step process allows me to review the created invoice but I think it would be a useful tool to have available. It could even be expanded to create and print etc. Even better if you didn’t have to click send (again) at the last step.

if you think about it, what you are asking will still be a three step process because you have to click the drop-down arrow to get to the Create & Email option and then click again.
so why not just Create and then Email ? :smiley:

also, the invoice would land on the view screen even after you select the Create & Email option.
so to create another invoice you still have to go back.

maybe a Create New Invoice button on the view screen would help.
it need not be limited to Sales Invoices tab alone. Creating a new record of the relevant tab when in view screen would help many users.
@lubos your thoughts?

Yes. I was thinking the create and send would bypass the viewing screen and go straight to the email template where i could press send or maybe even have that requirement covered by the create and send option. And yes, it need not be limited to just sales invoices.

Wait for batch email function. Then you could create all invoices, then do batch email across all of them. Also, there is already batch create function which can let you create invoices in spreadsheet and import them but this process is still quite tricky.

Thanks @lubos, I keenly await the batch email function. Hoping for a quick resolution.

Keenly await this option too. We need to send Invoices and statement to multiple customers in bulk.

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