Automatic deactivate cell while switching to another programme

I know this is very small issue but this can be overcome.

Suppose I have placed my cusror in a cell and then i switch to another programme (say excel) to look at the data I have to feed in that cell, the cell deactivate itself and I once again use mouse and click in that cell for typing.

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I can reproduce this on Windows. Should be fixed in the latest version (18.9.99).


Oh, this will be a massive improvement! Many thanks!

This still is happening for me. I’m running the following:

  • Manager 18.10.34
  • macOS Sierra 10.12.6

The input field loses focus when switching between apps.

Same here, started a few days back…

This may be one of those fundamental Mac/Windows differences. Whatever one does, the other does the opposite. I’ve encountered such differences before.