Automatic collection

Hi everyone,

Our little business have a lot of automatic collections, like insurance and such. Is there a way that we can set aamut that every month get booked automatically?

You can enter recurring sales and purchase invoices, but these are not generated automatically. You only get reminders. See Set up and manage recurring sales invoices | Manager. You cannot generate receipts or payments automatically.

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I am guessing that for a lot of these automatic collections (insurance, internet etc) you don’t receive a Purchase Invoice as they are Direct Debits, therefore you could use the “Import Bank Statement” process where you can set up “Bank Rules” which will automatically allocate Chart of Accounts to the transactions.

If you use the “Import Bank Statement” then you wouldn’t normally enter any Receipts and Payments manually, via the Bank or Receipts and Payments tabs. You can also set “Bank Rules” for Customer and Supplier money transactions. Depending on your bank, you could do “Import Bank Statement” on a weekly basis, as you aren’t restricted to the actual bank statement cycle.

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