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Dear @lubos,

after few days of playing with the new reporting tools I can say that probabily you are crating a perfect tool to match all the localization needs. I think that Manager, together with custom fields for the chart of accounts that I’ve already suggested, is still missing the possibility to share custom fields through different typology of data.

I try to explain better what I am suggesting through an example.

As already exposed, in Italy, under certain conditions, we can change (anticipate) the accrural period of the VAT of the fiscal documents (ie invoices and notes) without altering the accrual period of the invoices. To do this we have created two custom fileds, one that sets the VAT period (ie, for quarters 1Q2020, 2Q2020, 3Q2020, 4Q2020) and one that set the Anticipation (Anticipated or blank).

Obviously we had to create these custom fields for all the typologies of fiscal documents (Sales Invoices, Credit Notes, Purchase Invoices, Debit Notes). The problem is that when we create the query we have eight columns: four columns of “VAT Period” and four columns of “Anticipation”. To be functional, usable, coherent and also understandable there should be only two columns that goes through all the different fiscal documents.

Any solution for this problem?

Thanks for the great work you are doing.

This is something I had in mind for quite some time. New custom reports only reinforce the need for this.

A report displaying a value from one of several variables (where the sub variable has the same name) requires

  • The variable sets to be mutually exclusive, which maybe none trivial for the program to ascertain in the general case

  • The report to not combine variable with the same name when that is what the user wants

The alternative is a localisation combines variables when that is what is wanted.

Btw I’m not saying it wont work or is not possible, just that it maybe harder than it sounds

I think this may be the same as idea suggestion made by @generalegend on March 8th.

The solutions can be different (and I don’t know how Manager’s engine works!):

  1. Revert the perspective of how custom fields works. Now you choose the tab you want to assign them and then you create the custom field. In the new implementation one can create first the custom field and then assign it to many different tabs.
  2. Add the possibility to link different custom fields like a sort of CONCAT() in the SQL language. In the reporting tab there should be a place to link these fields.

The second solution is much easier and faster but the first one, from a functional point of view, is the best solution. For example, if you think of a drop down field, with the second solution you cannot have the guarantee that the list is the same in all the Tabs. The first one maybe can have problem with the legacy of the old custom fields implementation and can imply a big work on the whole Manager way of working.

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I used Accounting system before, where the system provide you with tags that can be enabled in any transaction screen. You may rename the tag, but the system will still recognize it as tag 1, tag 2,…etc. Maybe this is one way to do it. Just thought of sharing this.

Dear @lubos,

any update about this idea?