Auto updates

is it possible we get auto updates through the software? or we get a notification for a new update? thanks

There are often multiple updates each day so having automatic updates in the Desktop version might not be the way to go.

The Cloud version is updated automatically


You also don’t need every update. Many are improvements to coding that offer no new features and are not detectable by the user. Significant changes are announced here.


It would be nice to get, say, a monthly cumulative auto-update, so we don’t have to do it manually ourselves every so often :grinning:.


All updates are cumulative. And the design philosophy is that nothing happens automatically. That’s generally a poor idea for your accounting records.

Also, remember that the free desktop edition is effectively the testbed for new features. Occasionally, the normally up-to-date, paid cloud edition is frozen while major changes are rolled out. Unless you are willing to be a guinea pig without your knowledge, I would never recommend automatically updating anyway. Imagine needing to get monthly invoices out and discovering there is a problem with email formatting. (That has happened.) In my opinion, it is better to wait a few days and be able to check the forum for early bug complaints.

Fair enough, that’s a good point. Thanks for giving it some thought.

I’m one of the ‘guinea pig’ :joy:

I disagree.
It should be work like apple with iphones.
You have software updates section it informs you what is new and you begin to download it or you chose to download later.

Something like that. Notification for new software click to download

Plain and simple

I think that we better talk about update notification rather than autoupdate.

One of the reasons that I choose to use Manager is the fact that it allows me to be in control.

The over-riding reason that I do not use and never would use anything like an i-phone or (google)'droid or anything of that sort is that I am given no choice about anything and am not in control in any way.

Apologies (I do not wish to sound contrary) for “disagreeing with your disagreement” so to speak, but IMHO with the existing models the developers of Manager offer us each the opportunity to make a decision for ourselves and a balanced choice as to which particular Manager product is most suitable for our individual use-cases. Therefore for example, if managing and orchestrating your own computer systems, and application software and their relevant updates is not an activity that you wish be involved with, then perhaps using the curated options available in Manager Cloud Edition would be more attractive and appropriate for you.


spot on. Plus I can’t imagine Apple Products can survive without internet connection lol. Is accurate to assume apple users need internet connection just to operate the devices else most of it inoperable.

Omg you took to the next level.

I was asking a notification for updates and you click to download.

No need to mention apple products and compare to android :joy:

about the notification. No issue for me. As power user (a.k.a guinea pig). Visiting forums is more informative rather just notification just to get a glance unfavorable ‘bug’ reported by user. Lubos only update in releases page when there is substantial fix or major changes.

By subscribing to the Updates email service at the base of the version download page

You can receive a monthly email detailing the previous month’s updates - Oct '18 email covers Sept '18

Cool sir,

However it’s good feature to built in to the software also