Custom numbering

I would LOVE to see custom numbering for Customers, Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, etc. Even just random numbers would be good.
Reason being - it looks unprofessional having few invoices, especially over time if you take fewer, but bigger, invoices. Random numbering would hide this.
I know you can write your own numbers, but that means you could make a mistake.

If you want bigger numbers on invoices, write one in. Manager will increment from there. No mistakes.

Thanks. That’s the best way to do it for now. Random numbers of customer specific numbers (e.g. customer unique code/then number) etc. MS Access lets you have Random id numbers. Need more custom control over numbering. Cheers.

Access isn’t an accounting program. I can assure you, trying to reconcile or verify invoices and payments through random numbers would be a nightmare. Most accountants would throw up their hands and walk away. More importantly, if you were audited, the auditor would very likely suspect you were trying to somehow hide fraud. Better not to raise suspicion. :wink:

Ideally you could have a customer code (e.g. JO for John Smith) then a number in front e.g. JO1 or JOINV1 for the invoice. Or JOORD1 for the sales order. That way you can provide the customer with a unique reference plus a number for the quote, sales, order, invoice, receipt etc. On ecommerce platforms like Magento and Prestashop you can buy ‘add ons’ that allow you to have custom order numbers, custom invoice numbers etc. Something like that would be great for Manager.

I wouldn’t worry too much about sequential numbering for auditing as it’s more about dates and the total sums and do they balance with bank statements.

And maybe that’s the key…Manager is free, simple, small, and fast for a reason. And many users value those attributes. Features like you describe add a lot of bloat. And who could anticipate every custom scheme someone might prefer? A straight numerical sequence capability with the option to overwrite it with whatever you want probably takes care of 99.99% of users. Enough said.

Sequential numbering is okay for basic use. Most accounting software will let you add words e.g. inv000, order000, etc. It helps identify types of documents quickly.
It would be great to have things like uniquecustomerID/date/randomnumber for sales quotes, orders, etc…
I just prefer having a number that tells you a bit more about the document.
I’m sure I read @lubos talk about it before…?

Another suggestion would be to have better controls over who can delete what. I get the impression a user could delete a record and then you wouldn’t be able to recover it. Although I haven’t yet investigated.

So will Manager.[quote=“manageruser, post:7, topic:5084”]
I get the impression a user could delete a record and then you wouldn’t be able to recover it.

True. That’s why there is a backup function. Security of your system is up to you, as it would be with any accounting package. And if you are using the server or cloud editions, you can control what various users are allowed to do in considerable detail.

you can put inv before the number, but it won’t repeat the use of the letters before the number as it only goes up in numbers and not letters - you’d have to enter the letters each time you create a new doc.
I might give the cloud or server edition a try and see if they have a trial version. Looks promising!