Auto numbering

I am interested to buy Cloud Edition

I am looking for auto numbering features as below

  1. Receipt, Payments
  2. Customers, Suppliers

Auto-numbering is not currently available on any of those things.

Yeah @Tut I think he is aware of that. It one feature I am dreaming about too.



This good idea because am facing this problem with purchase invoice , because my reference no is auto numbering .
My reference no not supplier bill

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I do not understand you, @dalco. When you create a purchase invoice, the invoice number does not auto-number. Exactly what are you referring to?

Because there is no auto-numbering on purchase invoices , I create from custom field label called serial no.
this is my auto numbering, some time i make it dabble .

OK, I understand. You are not doing auto-numbering. You are numbering manually, but wish for an auto-numbering feature.

@dalco Yes the purchase invoice serial number is meant to capture the invoice number on the invoice as the supplier sent to you, in other words it generated by the supplier. I however agree that you may as well need a place to enter a separate number which will help track P.I . So another field to be automatically counting your purchase invoice numbers is what I presume you want. That feature is available in TallyERP and helps organise purchase invoice very much. However my advice is to create a folder (a physical one for paper docs) and divide it to alphabetical parts (you may need 2 or more depending on how they come in in your company).

After capturing every P.I. on the system just look at the first letter of the name of the supplier and file it in the folder and keep it there for payment processing, if you make part payment, write the details of the payment on it (cheque #, amount, account paid from, etc) or print out payment and attach to it. Manager can help track paid and unpaid invoices. Don’t forget to enter due dates when capturing in Manager so that age report can be very useful.

After paying, transfer the invoice with the payment docs attached to payments folder.

You may scan files or purchase invoices and create computer folders for this purpose too.
I know I have talked very lot but am not aiming at only you, but future readers too.

Hope this will help you out.

Hi, I understand the auto numbering is not available in Receipt, Payments
Customers,Suppliers. Manual entry of the sequence number is not practical for us. It may lead the mistakes especially in a accounting system.

It is much appreciated, if you can provide custom field type with auto numbering functionality. Currently the type are available only for creating the text, drop down, paragraphs and Image.

waiting for favorable response


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I am not the developer, @haneefa74. I am a user.