Receipts and Payments auto-fill

Thanks for your development of such a wonderful app.
I wonder if it’s possible to update an auto-fill function in receipts & payments generating.

Just like in the new receipt page, if I choose “accounts receivables” and then choose “customer” and then choose particular invoice, can the invoice description and total amount be auto-filled in the receipt? It’s will be much more efficiency if this can be done. Thank you.

Actually new forms will have description field on line items invisible by default. This is to save on horizontal space so other more important fields can fit it.

As for autofilling non-description column such as amount when selecting invoice, that will be eventually implemented. For the time being you can copy customer statement to new receipt which will do the auto-filling based on outstanding amounts.

The description on a line item of a receipt is meant to be a description of the receipt, not of the invoice. The invoice was already described when it was created.

And a receipt applied against multiple invoices often needs intervention on how the money is to be divided. For many users, autopopulation would not be desirable. Customers often make partial payments against several invoices, so automatically filling the balance due would have to be undone.

As a result, what seems desirable for your typical transactions would be counterproductive for many others.

Thank you. In my idea, an auto-filled description just give the line field a default value, the description is still editable after all, so the operator can edit the description base on the original invoice information, it should be much efficiency than the case starts from zero?

I commented in another post that it seems you want to move towards much more mobile usability which is fine for some basic stuff such as payments and receipts. However, I would strongly appeal that you reconsider making the whole interface such. When doing serious accounting / book-keeping work we use large screens and thus do not want to have things hidden by default that we need to click on to make them visible. I do not know what prompts you to restrict the usability of the interface in favour of mobile ones. Please all was going in the right direction until for whatever reason restrictions and related bugs appear. I sincerely hope you that you will abandon this track and play your strengths that is also your USP. thanks

You can actually see how it’s implemented on journal entries form. There is Line description checkbox which is unchecked by default. This means journal entries do not have line description field by default anymore.

If you want to have line description always visible as you suggest, just go to Form Defaults and make Line description field checked. This way starting new journal entry will always show line descriptions.

Not everyone is using large screens. Someone might be using 13" laptop because it’s easy to carry around or even if they are on desktop, they simply can’t afford new equipment (or employer won’t buy it for them).