Employee Group Certificate

How are employee group certificates created? Thank you in advance.

@erafrey, I assume you are referring to the annual reports provided to employees in Australia and to the Australian Taxation Office. Manager does not perform this function for any tax jurisdiction. And while it can calculate defined tax elements of a wide range of transactions (sales taxes, value added taxes, etc.), it does not compute total taxes owed or prepare required tax filings. There are thousands of pages of regulations and mandatory paper and/or electronic submission media for countries around the world. And businesses undertake all sorts of organizational and operational measures designed to optimize their tax positions. No accounting program can be expected to handle such complex things. Nor, I think, should a prudent business rely on their accounting software provider to be expert on rapidly changing tax laws.

Instead, Manager is an accounting tool, allowing a business to keep track of income and expenditures, categorize those transactions in flexible ways–including as may be necessary to support tax reporting requirements, and track financial performance. In simple terms, Manager is accounting software, not tax software. The specializations are quite distinct. But whatever your jurisdiction, Manager can be customized to furnish information needed for most tax law compliance in convenient formats.

I agree, this is a very basic accounting package for basic bookkeeping and certainly does not encompass the 22,000 pages of the Australian Tax Act. Thank you again for your response.

Manager will be able to print Employee Group Certificates hopefully by end of June.

Before I can implement this, I will need to introduce in-built payroll items. This will allow for country-specific reports / statements / certificates etc.

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Hi Lubos, was the functionality for Group Certificates developed?

Sorry, I wasn’t able to make it by end of June. You will need to fill them out by hand. Tomorrow is deadline.

Here is sample form: https://www.ato.gov.au/uploadedFiles/Content/MEI/downloads/BUS21978PAYG_payment_summary_individual_non_business.pdf

In Manager, you will need to generate report for the period from 01/07/2014 to 30/06/2015 called:

  • Payslip Summary to get gross payments for each employee
  • Payslip Deductions Summary to get total tax withheld for each employee
  • Payslip Contributions Summary to get total superannuation contribution

Obviously I’m planning to make it so there will a report which will generate just that on single page for each employee but payroll module still needs more work on it to make it happen.


hey no problem, I’ve already done it manually and lodged :relaxed:

Only after I had done it did I think to look for the functionality in Manager, and thats why I dug up that old thread.

I’m sure it will be awesome when its done, certainly getting the payroll module is key and the report is secondary.

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Was just wondering if there was a group certificate function yet?

Thank you!

I think having cumulative payroll figures would be a great start. Naturally tax tables are going to be a challenging implementation and only have appeal to the specific jurisdiction that they are designed for however almost all jurisdictions for tax purposes would require a payslip with cumulative figures or at least a summary per employee at the end of the year so I think this is a really important feature.

Thank you,

Before I will do employee group certificate, Manager will have in-built payroll items (similar what has been done for tax codes).

Then employee group certificate will be possible. I’m developing a solution how to bring all country-specific VAT, GST other tax-related worksheets into Manager. Once this is done, country-specific payroll worksheets will work on the same basis.

Once you see in-built payroll items implemented in Manager, employee group certificate will be coming very soon afterwards.