(Australian) Group Certificates and custom reports

How can someone be credited to help developing specific features for one country? I can give some help for Italy

It would be also useful the possibility to export and import custom XML not from the repository…do you think you can extend it also to chart of accounts scheme?

The Guide already says what you suggest, in almost the same words. The hyperlink correction has uploaded or you would have been able to see this yesterday.

@Davide, there is GitHub project at https://github.com/lubos/ManagerRegions

Contributing is basically a matter of uploading new XML file or overriding existing XML file.

XML file can be obtained by clicking on Export button in Settings tab.

I will be writing some guide to explain what’s already possible and how to do it. Yes - I’m planning to extend the support to chart of accounts as well.

Great… so we can share settings based on our experience

Hi @lubos,

how about extending import and export to local XML files? I mainly think of three reasons:

  1. intensive testing before making changes to GitHub;
  2. very custom implementations that wouldn’t fit the community;
  3. remote helping other guys from the community without sharing a full backup of the business.

I’m working on more visual approach to create these country-specific reports. For example, this is how Australian GST Calculation Worksheet would be done…

Notice how the first part is declaring variables which you can then put into a spreadsheet.

Hopefully this will lower barrier of entry even further as no HTML is required to write.


That’s a great improvement!

Will you be doing the same thing for New Zealand so we can get a similar report, At the moment I have created my own access database but would love to do it from manager

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Yes, the plan is to have coverage for all countries. That’s why I made this framework so anyone can implement this for their country and contribute back to global repository. I’m still leaning myself how to simplify the process as much as possible to lower the barrier of entry.

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There already is a GST Return for New Zealand. (This topic has wandered, and it isn’t clear what “similar report” you are referring to. Also, read the Guide: Add localized settings and features | Manager.

I am sorry I did not think this was about GST. I thought it was about PAYE/wages.
I already use the GST report and its great

I am not sure how I can contribute or what information would be needed. I know there is a spreadsheet that our IRD have as a sample when you upload to their site, its in a special format and they have a whole section and help for developers but I dont understand any of it. I did put the spreadsheet up and asked if it was any good for any of the developers but never had a reply I did not direct it at anyone specific. I am only to happy to help just not sure what is needed

link is dead

Which link?
Localisations are here
For Australia here
Australian group certificates / PAYG payment summary — individual non-business here

it was @Tut’s link to the guide, it 404’d today, but is up now. not sure what happened there.