Attachment trouble

I am trying to attach my PDFs to my journal entry and this keeps coming up

What edition and version number are you using?

And what PDFs are you trying to attach? Exactly what steps are you taking to attach them? Where are they?

I attached a Word document .docx to an unbalanced journal entry without any problem using Widows 10 - it looks like Wornout is on Windows 10 too

So it is not an issue of Manager as such but probably a problem with the attachment - size, location, …

Sorry havent been near PC.
Ok I am using version 20.2.27 desktop
My PDFs are in a folder in dropbox
the PDF in question is

the top PDF
I have now split PDF into 3 and still would not work then converted the split to word and that worked

Thinking it was too large I even compressed them and still did not work

Wornout Accountant lol I like your name. I should be having that name


I think this could well be a size issue. 80 MB is an awfully large PDF file. By comparison, the entire Manager Guides book of 491 pages is less than 18 MB. I would suggest that attaching the full record of a prior accounting system might not be an appropriate use of Manager’s attachments capability.

Not sure where you get 80MB from? and it is 4 pages long and not a full record of an accounting system but a P&L report that was exported from MYOB to PDF by the client and emailed to me which I zipped to compress and then opened

Oh I see where yet the size in the screen shot says size is 82595KB so which one is right the screen shot or the mouse over shot ?

80MB for 4 pages of a P&L report is very suspicious. would be acceptable if it were images. but for a report which would only have text, the file size is unheard of.

one thing to try is, open the PDF and try Print to PDF option which would save it as a separate pdf file. you can check the file size of the new pdf and try attaching that in Manager.

They seem to agree closely in your screen shot.

So TUT are you saying 82595KB = 80MB? I did not realize that. Wonder why 4 pages is so much?

Yes, I am. The two processes may round differently, and you need to account for the differences between bits and bytes, but 1,000K = 1 M. The excessive file size suggests some form of corruption.

or lots of strange fonts or images

No strange fonts etc the P&L came straight from MYOB as a PDF report.
Never mind I kind of got it in there as I said by splitting the PDF and converting it to word.
I will look at whats going on before I do the next one.

Thanks for all your help