Attachment issue

I have this problem while attaching a document into Manager. This just happen (an empty error dialogue box). I have tried, deleting and reimporting and restarting the program.

Any reasons for this?

How do you get this dialog? By clicking on New Attachment button?

I have had this too. I have reduced the file size and uploaded again and the message has disappeared. Try reducing the pdf size if possible - might take some time. I am guessing there is a limit to upload size?

Got that error message after I click on the file that I wanted to attach. Tried resizing the file to few hundreds kilobytes …results the same. This is the first time I encounter this. No issues in attaching files more than 1mb in size

Got this error today when trying to attach file with size of 4.8Mb. As I understand this is due to file size limit that imposed (in order to keep DB small, perhaps).
However, standard scanned agreement can easily take up to 10Mb. Is there any way to increase that limit?

Scan at lower resolution. You are not reproducing photographs, but only scanning text.

I do not think that this is a valid answer, but workaround. One A4 page of @ 50dpi is hardly readable, and take approx. 100 Kb, with current limit of ~ 3Mb it is only 31 page (hardly sufficient, say, for construction contract).

Of course there is a lot of workarounds:

  1. Scan at lower DPI.
  2. Split file in chunks < 2Mb
  3. Use OCR to make text layer/doc file with only signatures page be scanned (or signature place only).

But, again, I was not asking for workaround (which I know plenty exist) but if there is possibility to increase that limit. “No” is also a valid answer to this question, as I really was interested in if I am missing some setting, that will allow to increase that.

As I understand using SQLITE database, attachments currently stored in blobs, and according to documentation:

The current implementation will only support a string or BLOB length up to 231-1 or 2147483647

So it looks like there is a room to increase that limit. But maybe there are some other considerations for this.

There is no setting you can adjust. Consider, however, whether the attachments feature is really the place to be storing 30-plus page construction contracts. It was meant for scanned receipts, supplier invoices, expense backup, and similar accounting-related documentation.

Yep, I was using it that way, and it fits for 98% of cases. For remaining 2% I was using separate directory structure to hold those docs. And was just wandering is those 2% can also somehow be managed by Manager.

So case closed, at least for me.

Thanks for discussion.

The attachments were introduced before switching to SQLite so the limits were lower. I’ve increased the limit to 10 MB in the latest version (17.4.31).

Cool, thanks!