All my attachments disappeared any one have the same problem

all my attachments disappeared any one have the same problem

What edition and version? What kind of attachments? What were they attached to?

Hello Tut. I’ve just found the same problem. It’s not all attachments but I have lots of transactions that had PDFs attached and those attachments are now missing. I looked at a backup from late November and they were missing then too.

The attachments are on Payments and Receipts. I drag the PDF to the window next to the new attachment button instead of clicking the button to use a finder dialogue. Perhaps dragging onto the window next to the attachment button is not a good idea.

The PDFs are never more than a few megabytes for scanned docs.

I occasionally click the file size to compact the manager file (under the Business tab) but I don’t do it regularly.

Running Manager 20.10.94 on Mac Mojave 10.14.6.

You used to be able to drag and drop anywhere within the transaction or in the frame next to the button on a Mac. But it turns out that was never the intent. About a month ago, it became necessary to drop onto the button itself. See the Guide: Attach supporting documentation | Manager. The feature currently doesn’t work at all on Windows due to a recent switch to Edge and WebView 2. Work is currently being done that will affect these issues.

Regardless, if you don’t see the file name appear in the attachments area, it wasn’t attached.

I knew about the change for the drag to attach a file. The target area shrunk to the button instead of the frame the button was in. I don’t think the files attach if you aren’t precisely in the button area.

While the files aren’t showing as attached now, I’m 100% sure that they were attached when I completed those transactions. Is there a chance that the attached files are still within the manager file?

Not that I can think of.

Well, this is a bit embarrassing. New Year’s humble pie. The attachments are there.

I use attachments with receipts and payments, but also with expense claims. In my haste, I thought that many attachments were not longer visible on the receipt/payment transactions but I failed to check the associated expense claim transactions. They are, of course, all there.

Apologies to the forum for raising an issue by jumping to a conclusion without doing my homework. Please do whatever is necessary to disappear my contribution from this thread.

With tongue in cheek, I say you will not get off so easily, @Orarian. Your mistake was easy enough to make. By leaving the discussion up, others can learn. No need to feel embarrassment.