Amounts not showing on imported bank statement

I am having problems with importing bank statements in that some transaction are showing zero amounts. I have clicked on edit for these and find that the amounts are there correctly but when I update they still do not show. I have not been able to find anything to help me in the guides. I am including a screenshot, I presume the date column is showing red for the transactions in question to indicate the zero amounts?
I imported as a CSV file, I noted in the guide the columns that would be recognised but I don’t get the Payee/payor across, is Manager recognising the column names? should I be changing anything with these before importing, deleting unrecognised columns, etc ?

It appears that you have a start date 15/11/16, therefore your taking up of a starting balance would include all the transaction dated prior to that date - the red dated transactions are the 14th.

If your start up balance is correct, then just delete those earlier transactions.

Thank you for your help, I was stumped!

Also, if you are only using one currency then you don’t need to set a base currency which would clean up all those NZ$ as they aren’t required.