Bank account starting balances are wrong

I have looked thru the guides and cannot see how to correct my mistakes.
Help please.

Not without some information on what you have entered (screen shots of edit screen) and what you think the result should be.

No one can see your Manager business file details but you.

It seems you still haven’t followed the recommendations posted in Reconciliation problem

If I were you (noting your lack of accounting knowledge), I would hire an accounting expert to set up Manager for you and adapt it to your particular business needs. From there on you can enter the movements by yourself, with the possibility to get help from the more experienced users on this forum.

I have used MYOB since 1985. Manager’s terms and how it operates is different,
That is my only problem.

Which edit screen do you want a screen shot of ?

Settings -> starting balance
And a drill down from there on at least one value which is not what you expect
And what source data you were entering in this edit screen

Note you can obscure data for accounts not in question and personally identifying data in a paint program.

Is this what you need ?


  1. Drill down or show the edit screen for one of the entries which is not behaving as you expect

  2. And show a screen shot of the out put from Manager you believe is wrong

  3. And tell us why it is not what you expect

The Cash at bank should include the starting ballances of all the accounts totalling $3,787.99

Output from Manager is showing zeros where there should be figures. Starting balances are $0.

  • Click on the edit button for one of the Banks accounts which had a none zero balance at the start date you set in your Manager business.

  • Have you entered that accounts starting balance there?


When I clicked on the Edit button, it only offered me Statement balance, not Start balance.
I have read thru the guide, but it does not tell me how to enter the start balance AFTER I have created the account,
My mistake.

Statement balance is the actual bank balance in your bank statement on the Start Date you have set in Manager.

Oh OK Thank you. I will enter the start balances now.