Importing prepared paper CSV statements

Hi, Thanks for the great program. I am going very well - entered two years into three companies. Using downloaded bank statements. A few have been scanned paper statements that I have pdf’d, parsed and used CSV converter to then import into Manager- with no problems - just a few missing lines which I entered by hand. Just tonight I decided to add another past year(2013/14) into one company and followed the paper statement procedure as before with a correctly prepared file, I imported the file in the normal manner, however it did not display - I changed the start date to a year earlier than was already in the reconciled account then tried to import again only to find that the new statement did not display again, and the date column changed to red and all the amounts went to zero. Luckily I was able to restore a new file via back up but the heart attack was close. What did I do wrong?

I may add that preparing these paper statements for import is possibly just as time consuming as typing them in. Thanks. Ian.

If your start date is 01/07/2014, you won’t be able to import bank transactions prior this date. I mean, you can, but then you will see all transactions dated before start date will turn red and with zero amounts.

If those “red” transactions should be included, then you need to change start date to even earlier date. This will fix the date column being in red.

Thanks Lubos. I will follow your suggestions. Thanks.

All good now Lubos. Solved the problem. Thanks.